EGM Thursday April 19th @ 8pm Clubhouse

The purpose of the Special General Meeting is to discuss and vote on the way club property is held into the future. The GAA are introducing a Corporate Trustee model with the intention to make transactions simpler and quicker and reduce personal exposure to trustees.


There are 3 options available


Option 1. Do noting and to continue to hold club property through personal trustees


Option 2. Introduce a partial change, in that case property is held by a combination of personal trustees and the corporate trustee


Option 3. Elect to have property held only through the corporate trustee.


The Executive Committee of the club favour option 3 as


– individuals are no longer trustees and therefore are not exposed should the club/unit be sued

–   currently, when individual trustees resign or die there can be delay and cost associated with transfer of responsibility

–  If a personal trustee was to get into financial difficulty, resulting in a judgement being obtained and registered on club property, theis can cause delays and complications in dealing with the property

– any dealings with club property should be streamlined without the need for multiple copies of documents and multiple signatures


and will move a motion at the meeting to adopt it.


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