Club Lotto 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 Glynn Barntown Club lotto *First Draw* will be held on 27th November.
This is the cornerstone of our clubs finances & needs every member’s support.
In excess of €70,000 is required, every year, to run our club and to service debt.
This Club Lotto raises about half of this amount.
Please let Paul Laffan 0866056091 or any of the club officials know if you can take part .
We will be in the clubhouse this Friday Nov  from 7.30 to 8.00pm to answer any questions , sign up and take payments etc. You can pay in instalments if you wish through the bank.
Cost is €150 for the year. The current Jackpot is €4,200 with one last draw before the new round.
*€200 euro minimum in prizes each draw and in excess of €25,000 in jackpot prizes won in recent years!!!!* 💶💶

With over 500 members the majority of whom are our children it is imperative that the facilities and equipment are maintained and developed at all times which obviously has a price. The Club Lotto permits us to run a club as large and successful as ours in a way that allows the burden to be fairly shared and all members to feel they are making a useful and valued contribution.

The Main Points:-

    • For €150 (with various payment options including standing order )- a buyer is entered 4 times per fortnight in our club lotto with a chance to win the current €5,600 Jackpot (As of 8/11/18)!
    • ALL money raised will go towards the day to day running/development of the club. ( This is completely separate to our current Development Draw Fundraiser)                 Glynn-Barntown GAA grounds are widely acknowledged as facilities to be proud of. Our members compete at all levels from 6 years to adult in Hurling, Football, Camogie and Ladies Football. Our tennis club is also hugely popular. We must strive to journey forward at all times in Glynn Barntown G.A.A. club.
    • Our current Jackpot stands at €5,600 (8/11/18) and a guaranteed €200 is won/ shared fortnightly in Match 3 wins. 

Support our New Club Lotto 2018 -2019 and continue this journey with us.

Contact Paul on 0866056091 for more information. Payments can also be made Mon-Fri 7-9pm in the clubhouse. 


Lotto Results