Ticket sales for our club development draw are going really well around the county-keep up the momentum everyone! Remember to bring your official club identification on all selling trips. Round of applause for all the sellers and hub team working to make our new pitch development a reality and a word of thanks to all the people who have supported us by buying a ticket.

The club is gearing up for a one off giant fundraiser which will take place over the Autumn and Winter months. This is a once in a generation, large scale project which requires the support of EVERYONE in the club.


Our goal in the area of facilities and development in our strategic plan 2018-2020 is “Our players and members utilise and enjoy an enhanced range of excellent facilities that meet the needs of all Club members and serve the wider community”. Key elements of this plan are to install state of the art drainage and erect cutting edge energy efficient floodlights on the adult pitch nearest the road creating a safe all year round training and playing surface for our players. Increasingly the GAA season extends into Autumn/Winter and floodlighting is essential for team preparation when the evenings close in.
The draw will be for a first prize of a car (or cash alternative) with additional excellent prizes. Tickets will be sold for €20 or 3 for €50 door to door county wide. To achieve our target of tickets sales we need to make best use of the window we have been allowed by Wexford GAA County Board. To make best use of this draw we need as many people involved in the club as possible.
Ticket sales will be co-ordinated from a hub located in the clubhouse. We would hope that club people will make themselves available to give at one evening a week during the period either on the road or helping in the hub. We have been amazed by the amount of volunteers who have already come forward but we are still recruiting.
Club members and friends are asked to support this draw with their time and effort. Club lotto will be sold as usual late in the year to assist with day to day running expenses of the club. The club will also look to sell the county wide draw tickets in our own parish early in 2019.

Anyone interested in being part of this project please contact John on 0872807679 or Danny 0861089553. Please make the effort and help make a difference.